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Purified Water Storage & Distribution System
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Hydrocons delivers latest concepts for Purified water storage & distribution system. Purified water generated from purified water generation system shall be transferred to the Purified water storage tank This Purified water from the storage tank is then re-circulated in a closed loop to various user points with the following features.
  1. The storage tank assembly consisting of

    -   SS316L wetted parts, Jacketed, SS Cladded.

    -   Dished ends at bottom for complete drainability and at top to avoid stagnation.

    -   Spray ball located at the center nozzle (loop return) on the manhole for continuously wetting
        all the contact parts on the top surface of the tank including the manhole internal surfaces.

    -   Sanitary nozzles for feed, re-circulation, vent, pressure gauge, level switch, spare nozzles
        on the top (manhole) and outlet at the bottom.

    -   Surface finish of less than 0.4 Ra inside and mat finish on outside surface.

    -   Sterile vent filter on the tank top.

  2. The distribution pump consisting of the following features

    -   SS316 L wetted parts.

    -   Mono-block/ vertical multistage, centrifugal type.

    -   Casing drain sanitary Valve.

  3. Distribution loop consisting of the following features

    -   SS316L, Seamless tubes, Electro-polished.

    -   Internal surfaces finish less than 0.4 Ra.

    -   Outside mirror polish

    -   Installed at a slope of 1:100 for complete drainability.

    -   Properly supported with SS304 contact parts.

    -   Dead legs of not more than 3 D.

    -   No hold up volume in case of shut down.

    -   Normal velocity of 2.8 m/s and during peak load velocity of min 1.2 m/s shall be maintained.

    -   All possible joints shall be orbital welded; remaining joints shall be sanitary tri-clamp
        type with silicon gaskets.

  4. Apart from the above major items, the system have the following features :

    -   The complete storage and distribution system shall have provision of hot water sanitization

    -   Have the necessary pressure gauges viz. at pump outlet, loop return and compound
        pressure gauge on tank top

    -   Conductivity controllers in loop supply.

    -   Differential pressure sensors & transmitters are provided in loop system.

    -   Temperature sensors in tank bottom & loop return.

    -   Level controller on tank for pump controlling and feed control.

    -   Sanitary UV Unit to control microbial load.

    -   Flow transmitters in loop return to monitor flow rate / velocity.

    -   Auto Dumping valve in loop supply for high conductivity.

    -   Auto Back Pressure Valve in loop return to regulate pressure and flow.

    -   The complete system shall be controlled by PLC based control panel with datalogging
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